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At Materials Science and Engineering research is conducted on metallic and ceramic materials covering the whole chain Processes – Structures – Properties. The activities include experimental work as well as modeling on different length scales.

Impressive results when steel meets Artificial Intelligence

It’s time for the steel industry to take yet another step into the future: HiMat Engineering is bringing artificial intelligence into the mix. This not only saves time and money, but is also better for the environment. Image: The team behind HiMat Engineering

New breakthrough on high entropy alloys

Congratulations to our colleagues Shuo Huang, Wei Li, Song Lu, Xiaoqing Li and Levente Vitos (MSE), He Huang and Dongyoo Kim (former postdocs at MSE), as well as to our collaborators Erik Holmström (Sandvik) and Se Kyun Kwon (Pohang University) for their breakthrough achievements in understanding the mechanical properties of high entropy alloys. The results are published in Nature Communications.


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Foto: Payton Chung, DC, USA


Congratulations Henry and Tong!

Henry Persson got Young Scientist Award at Pyro 2018 -22nd International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyolysis, Kyoto, Japan for his paper “Characterization of pyrolysis products and catalyst coke obtained from metal-doped zeolitic catalysts: A comparative study of catalyst activity and deactivation”.


Han Tong got Best Student Paper Award in 43rd International Technical Conference on clean energy conference, Florida, USA for his paper ”Evaluation of Cheap Catalysts for Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Lignin with Aiming at of Bio-oil Production”.



Congratulations John Ågren to the ASM International 2020 Gold Medal!

The motivation is: “For outstanding contributions in the field of materials science and engineering and its scientifically based application to engineering problems, for entrepreneurship towards making science useful for society.”

The Gold Medal was established in 1943 and today recognizes outstanding knowledge and great versatility in the application of science to the field of materials science and engineering, as well as exceptional ability in the diagnosis and solution of diversified materials problems.

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