2018 CQU-KTH workshop

Workshop on Modeling of Properties of Engineering Materials and their Applications (MPEMA-I), Chongqing, China, May 22-25, 2018

Main organizers

Huamei Duan (段华美) Chongqing University
Dengfu Chen (陈登福) Chongqing University
Mujun Long (龙木军)

Chongqing University

Zhihua Dong KTH Stockholm


The organizers gratefully acknowledge financial support from

National Natural Science Foundation of China
Chongqing University
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology


Workshop program (pdf 236 kB)

Scientific talks

speaker title (some talks are available for download in .pdf format)
Se Kyun Kwon Twinnability in fcc metals and alloys
Qingmiao Hu First-principles investigations of the microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium alloys
Mujun Long In-situ observation of second phase particles and and austenite grain growth in Ti microalloyed steel
Jianhong Dai First principles study on the oxidation properties of titanium alloys
Jian Sun A First-principles Study of Displacive Phase Transitions and Mechanical Twinning in β Ti-V alloys
Narisu Lattice dynamics of FeMnP0.5Si0.5 compound from first principles calculation
Raquel Lizarraga High entropy alloys: substituting for Co in cutting- edge technology
Liyun Tian Ab initio descriptions of short-range order in random Cu-Au alloys
Ruiwen Xie Constructing an equation to calculate COM values with an ab-initio method – EMTO
Guisheng Wang The unstable stacking fault energies of transition metals
Wei Li
Wenxiang Jiang Research Progress on High Temperature Properties of Continuous Casting Slab
Xun Sun Elastic properties of Al x CrMnFeCoNi (0 ≤ x ≤ 5) high-entropy alloys from ab initio theory (pdf 564 kB)
Sheng Yu Fluid Flow and Solidified Shell Re-melting in the F-EMS Area during Billet Continuous Casting
Levente Vitos Plasticity of austenitic steels from quantum mechanical modeling
Hualei Zhang Phase selection rule for Al-doped CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloys from first-principles
Wenyue Zhao First-principles prediction of the thermo-mechanical properties of Ni-Mo solid solution in Ni-based superalloys
Linggang Zhu Structure prediction of the transition metal oxides
Song Lu First-principles study of heterophase interface
Henrik Levämäki An automated algorithm for reliable equation of state fitting of magnetic systems
Young Won Choi First Principles Study on the Embrittlement of Fe-Si Alloys
Xiaojie Li Understanding the mechanical properties of reduced activation steels
Dávid Molnár Relationship between mechanical behavior and stacking fault energy in austenitic stainless steels
Shuo Huang Mapping the magnetic transition temperatures for medium- and high-entropy alloys
Zhihua Dong Plastic deformation modes in paramagnetic γ-Fe from longitudinal spin fluctuation theory
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