Organizing Committees

The following people are involved in the organization of IPES 2020:

Committee chairs

  • Keiji Nakajima (Scientific content)
  • Pär Jönsson (Conference venue and timetable)


  • Anders Tilliander (Treasurer)
  • Nils Andersson (Treasurer)
  • Christopher Hulme-Smith (Webmaster)

Local organizing committee

  • Björn Glaser, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Andrey Karasev, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Wangzhong Mu, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Pavel E. Ramirez-Lopez, Swerim AB, Sweden
  • Robert Vikman, Jernkontoret, Sweden

International organizing committee

  • Brian Monaghan, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Susanne Michelic, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
  • Muxing Guo, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Neslihan Dogan, McMaster University, Canada
  • Guangqiang Li, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China
  • Qiang Wang, Northeastern University, China
  • Miaoyong Zhu, Northeastern University, China
  • Timo Fabritius, Oulu University, Finland  
  • Seppo Louhenklipi, Oulu University/ Aalto University, Finland
  • Takahiro Miki, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Hideki Ono, University of Toyama, Japan
  • Hiroyuki Shibita, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Joohyun Park, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea
  • Konstantin Grigorovich, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
  • Alexander A. Kazakov, Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University / Thixomet Ltd., Russia
  • Carlos García-Mateo, National Centre for Metallurgical Research (CENIM), Spain
  • Sakhob Khumkoa, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand
  • Ronald J. O'Malley, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Scientific Advisory Members

  • Tihe Zhou, Stelco Inc., Canada
  • Hong Lei, Northeastern University, China
  • Xuewei Lv, Chongqing University, China
  • Deyong Wang, Soochow University, China
  • Wanlin Wang, Central South University, China
  • Hongwei Zhang, Northeastern University, China
  • Noritaka Saito, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Sohei Sukenaga, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Shigeru Ueda, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Youn-Bae Kang, POSTECH, Republic of Korea
  • Youngjo Kang, Dong-A University, Republic of Korea
  • Niklas Kojola, SSAB, Sweden
  • Saman Mostafaee, Ovako Bar Sweden AB, Sweden
  • Ewa Sjöqvist Persson, Uddeholms AB, Sweden
  • Olle Sundqvist, Sandvik Materials Technology, Sweden
  • George F. Vander Voort, Consultant-Struers Inc./ Vander Voort Consulting LLC, USA
  • Hogbin Yin, Process Research - East Chicago Center, AreclorMittal Global R & D, USA


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Last changed: May 17, 2019