Leadership of department

Head of Department

Annika Borgenstam
Annika Borgenstam, professor, head of department 087908396

Heads of Units

Pär Jönsson
Pär Jönsson, professor, vice skolchef 087908375
Malin Selleby
Malin Selleby, professor, head of unit 087908389
Levente Vitos
Levente Vitos, professor, head of unit 087908356

 Director of Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory

Peter Hedström
Peter Hedström, assistant professor 087906217

Operations Controller

Eva Werner Sundén
Eva Werner Sundén, operations controller 087906254

Director of Studies and Director of First and Second Cycle Education

Anders Eliasson
Anders Eliasson, studierektor, pa, ma 087907255

Program Director

Joakim Odqvist
Joakim Odqvist, associate professor 087908308

Director of Third Cycle Education

Natalia Skorodumova
Natalia Skorodumova, professor 087908370
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