A project funded by European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Raw Materials.

Graphic hand modelling atoms

QM- FORMa is a network of word leading experts who can design new materials, using first principles Quantum Mechanics calculation. Using Quantum Mechanics to design materials is an approach that has not reached industry so far. In practice there is little research into producing new materials because it requires costly, time consuming lab work. Now computers have the capacity to perform sophisticated quantum mechanics calculations – and so can design new materials that are tailored to specific needs. The main goal of QM-FORMa is to promote the use of quantum mechanical calculations in the design of materials for industry.

The members of QM-FORMa belong to five different European Institutions, KTH (the coordinator institution), Uppsala University, Darmstadt University, Radboud University and University of Milano-Biccoca.

The potential impact of QM-FORMa’s services is faster innovation rates and better products. Companies can gain a competitive edge finding substitute materials, e.g. copper in brake pads or cobalt in cutting tools.

Visit www.qm-forma.com   for more information.