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Current projects in the Unit of Processes

We are excited by our ongoing projects, which cover all of our research themes and our work in the development of innovative and engaging education. Here is a partial list of our ongoing projects.



KTH is involved in a large pan-European consortium to develop professional training for lightweight materials. KTH will contribute a training course on powder metallurgy in partnership with Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Please see  for more details. Project funded by EIT Raw Materials and led By Fraunhofer IFAM (Germany).


In collaboration with major powder metallurgy companies in Sweden, we are building a brand new course in powder production, characterisation and handling. This addresses a serious need for trained personnel in this area in Sweden and will be written completely for blended learning, including video lectures and interactive learning. Funded by Vinnova through the Metalliska Material programme .


This project creates a competition for international teams of students to develop innovative and creative solutions to industrial problems. Led by Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy) and together with NTNU (Norway) and Fraunhofer IFAM (Germany), teams will be given an industrial mentor to help them develop their solution. Teams compete in one of three competitions organised by the partner universities and the winners compete again in a Grand Final in Berlin. Project funded by EIT Raw Materials.



High-temperature measurement and furnace technology


Computational fluid dynamics

Metals processing

Energy technology

Powder metallurgy


With the rapid evolution of additive manufacturing technologies, it is more important than ever to be abel to characterise properties of powder, including flowability. While techniques to measure powder flow have existed for over a century, old techniques fail to capture the behaviour of powder under manufacturing conditions. Modern measurement techniques lack international standardisation and, in some cases, understanding. This project will systematically compare measurement techniques and investigate their sensitivity to powder conditions, in order to suggest the optimum strategy for testing powders for additive manufacturing. Funded by KTH and supported by Swedish powder producers.

Enabling growth by standardisation of flowability

KTH leads a consortium with research institute Swerim being a major partner to assess the need for standardisation in powder metallurgy. The results are being used to inform future project proposals. Funded by Vinnova .

Direct reduction of alloy metals (DRAM)

Sweden has a large industry producing metals, especially stainless steel. These processes typically emit large volumes of greenhouse gases and consume vast amounts of energy. This project aims to build on previous work to see if alloys of a target composition can be produced directly from mixtures of oxide powders using hydrogen.

Digitisation of Atomisation

Circular economy of metals

Hybrit project (fossil-free steelmaking)

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Last changed: Apr 24, 2020