Unit of Process

The research focuses on development and optimization of processes with respect to material cleanness, energy efficiency and environmental perspectives.

Unit of process collage

The unit of process works in the following areas

  • Metallurgical and materials processes
  • Casting and solidification
  • Energy and furnace
  • Micromodelling and experimental kinetics

While the research activities are directly related to the industrial processes and are applied in nature, they are strongly based on theoretical analysis and mechanism investigation.

Material process involves the knowledge of (1) industrial processes, (2) reaction thermodynamics, (3) reaction kinetics, (4) transport phenomena. In view of the heterogeneous reaction nature of most of the processes, it also needs the research of the interfacial phenomena (5).

Both modelling and experimental studies are carried out. The former puts strong emphasis on CFD, while the latter focuses on experiments in melts (slag, metal) and gases from a few micro grams to a couple of kgs. Industrial trial is another important tool for process design and optimization.

Head of Unit