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International Conference on Inclusion/Precipitate Engineering in Steels

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, the IPES-2020 organising committee has taken the regrettable decision to cancel the meeting in Stockholm in June 2020. Please see below for more information.

IPES2020 Cancellation/Postponement

In light of the current advice from the World Health Organisation and the Swedish government, the IPES2020 organizing committee has taken the following decisions regarding the physical meeting scheduled to take place during June 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden:

  1. The meeting will not take place as scheduled. This is to protect the health of participants and organisers, which is of paramount importance to all parties.
  2. Registration will not open for the meeting.
  3. Any abstract submitted for the conference will still be considered for publication in a special edition of the journals "Metals" and "ISIJ International". All decisions will be made according to the original timetable, as published on the conference website.
  4. The organising committee intends to proceed with the physical meeting at some point in the future, once the current situation is under control and the risks to health are reduced to acceptable levels. Realistically, this is likely to be in 2021 at the earliest. More information will be updated on this website as it becomes available.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your support and understanding at this time and for the decision we have been forced to make. We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm as soon as possible for a physical meeting of IPES. Please accept the best wishes of the organizing committee for the coming months.

Recent Updates

2020-03-16: Meeting in Stockholm cancelled due to ongoing situiation with Covid-19
2020-02-06: Abstract submission deadline extended to March 15, 2020
2020-02-06: Abstract acceptance decision date moved to March 25, 2020


The conference will be held at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden on 11th and 12th June 2020.

KTH buildings.

Conference Scope

Inclusion behavior in liquid steel and precipitate behavior in solid steel have a significant effect on both the cleanliness and the material properties, such as toughness, of the steels. The fundamental techniques of controlling inclusions and precipitates have been traditionally referred to as “Clean Steel” and “Oxide Metallurgy”, respectively. They have been utilized in practice. Today, these two research directions have overlapped and are combined. Thus, we suggest that they collectively will be denoted "Inclusion/Precipitate Engineering".

This conference focuses on presenting the latest research on the inclusion/precipitate engineering of steels. This includes the metallurgical processing of steels, the resulting microstructure and the final material properties. Both modelling and experimental research carried out in laboratories and steel plants will be considered. Furthermore, because inclusions/precipitates are complexes composed of oxides, sulfides, nitrides and carbides, the composition control and consequent size control of them are also of interest.

Belongs to: Materials Science and Engineering
Last changed: Mar 16, 2020