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Master´s theses in Engineering Materials Science

Degree of master in science in Engineering in Materials design and Engineering

J. L. H. Almebäck, A. Edberg and R. Shah, "Corrosion in Pulp Mills : Material Selection for an Evaporation Plant," , 2020.
S. Bergfors and D. Flink, "Electrolytic Extraction of Aluminium Bifilms," , 2020.
D. Fredriksson and M. Carlfors Göransson, "Evaluation of Shunt Distance in Resistance Spot Welding," , 2020.
I. Hernodh Svantesson and S. Grånäs Jakobsson, "An analysis of creating plastic material based on the microalgae Scenedesmus," , 2019.
D. Correa Zapisotski and M. Wallhed, "Characterizing flowability of metal powders," , 2019.
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Belongs to: Materials Science and Engineering
Last changed: Oct 04, 2017