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Master's programme in Engineering Materials Science

The Master’s programme in Engineering Materials Science is characterised by a cross-functional approach – focusing on both the understanding and study of current materials, processes and applications, as well as the development of new materials and processes. The programme has three tracks; Industrial Materials, Materials and Process Design and Sustainable Materials.

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The two-year master's programme consists of three terms of courses and one final term dedicated to the master's degree project. To be eligible for the programme you must have been awarded a bachelor's degree, be proficient in English and meet the programme specific requirements.

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Find out what students from the Master´s programme in Engineering Materials Science think about their time at KTH.


Students graduating with a Master of Science degree specialising in Engineering Materials Science are in great demand in the Stockholm area as well as in the rest of the Sweden, Europe and the world. There are many job opportunities in sectors that are directly associated with metallurgy – such as iron, steel and other metal producing industries (powder metallurgy, hard metal etc.). However as a material specialist with an outstanding knowledge about metals you will find that your knowledge is of importance in the automotive industry, manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, companies in the energy sector, the public sector, the environmental sector or private enterprises.

The education also provides a solid scientific foundation for further research studies at KTH or abroad after graduating.

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Last changed: Apr 12, 2022