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Measurements of Properties

In this group we do experiments to strengthen theoretical considerations as well as on situations not easily accessible by calculations in order to better understand phenomena and improve e.g. synthesis schemes.

In particular we are interested in:

*Superparamagnetic nanoparticles - synthesis and characterization, both ‘as-is’ and as a functional component in polymer composites.

*Thin film magnetism, e.g. exchange anisotropy and how it is assessed or characterization of spin wave stiffness in ultra-thin iron films.

*Nanoindentation of hard materials like Bulk Metal Glass, polyphase mixed carbides and also on conventional cast iron ‘composites’ of ferrite and graphite nodules.

*Superconductors – unconventional synthesis and characterization.

We are always looking for novel approaches to investigations, which means that we are open for building custom designed instrumentation.

One of our custom built instruments is a Local Magnetic Susceptometer, which gives the magnetic image of surfaces:

This figure shows the magnetic image of the cross section of a bent austenitic steel plate, ca 1mm thick. This material is originally non-magnetic, but after plastic deformation it partially transforms into magnetic martensite. The regions of heavier deformation are now visible at the inner and outer surfaces of the bent cross section.


Belongs to: Materials Science and Engineering
Last changed: Nov 24, 2017