Materials Science and Engineering

At Materials Science and Engineering research is conducted on metallic and ceramic materials covering the whole chain Processes – Structures – Properties. The activities include experimental work as well as modeling on different length scales.

The department is a part of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)

Our research units

Flying sparks from steel production

New research center for Materials Science

Starting this year, Center for Mechanics and Materials Design (MMD) will bring together Solid Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering. Director of MMD is Annika Borgenstam.

Johan Martinsson

Best paper award from IOM3 to researcher at the unit of Process

Johan Martinsson´s work solves the experimental difficulties of studying the structure of foam as a function of slag composition and viscosity at high temperatures.

Testning av metallegering

MSE researcher develop temperature independent superelasticity

Levente Vitos, professor at Materials Science, together with other KTH researchers and international colleagues, has developed a metal alloy that is superelastic at room temperature. The material can be changed up to 15.2 percent of its original shape.

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Last changed: May 06, 2020