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Materials Science and Engineering

At Materials Science and Engineering research is conducted on metallic and ceramic materials covering the whole chain Processes – Structures – Properties. The activities include experimental work as well as modeling on different length scales.

Research units and competence centers

The department consists of three units that conduct their own research and education. We have three competence centers working closely with the industry and providing research-related infrastructure.

Social benefits – impact

Photo: Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

Recovered electronics reduce carbon footprint

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is estimated to grow to about 12 million tons by 2020 in EU, which makes it the fastest growing ...

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Photo: Alex Motoc on Unsplash

Sustainable refrigerators thanks to magnetic materials

Magnetic heat-pumps offer a low-energy demand and environmentally friendly alternative for the classical refrigeration industry. The process is called...

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Photo: Dakota Roos on Unsplash

HYBRIT will de-carbonize the steel industry

When the UN Climate Summit gathered the world's leaders in New York last fall, two Swedes were the talk of the town: Greta and "HYBRIT" - an initiativ...

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News from Materials Science and Engineering

John Ågren
John Ågren


ASM's Gold Medal to Professor John Ågren

John Ågren, Professor in Materials Science, has been awarded the ASM´s Gold Medal 2020, given for outstanding knowledge and great versatility in the application of science to the field of materials science and engineering.

Stillbild med svepelektronmikroskop. Foto: G. Roscioli, Tasan Group, MIT.
Stillbild ur en filmsekvens tagen med svepelektronmikroskop, som visar hur ett rakblad flisas ur när det skär av hårstrån. Foto: G. Roscioli, Tasan Group, MIT.


Why razor blades become dull from soft hair

Listen to Peter Hedström, professor of materials science, talking to Vetenskapsradion (Science radio) in P1 about why razor blades get dull so quickly.

Flying sparks from steel production

Competence centers

New research center for Materials Science

Starting this year, Center for Mechanics and Materials Design (MMD) will bring together Solid Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering. Director of MMD is Annika Borgenstam.

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Last changed: Sep 30, 2020