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The conference involves two full days of lectures and other activities, 17th–18th of June. Day one consists of plenary lectures, day two has a focus on technical lectures.

Monday 17th of June

Location: lecture hall M1 on Brinellvägen 64


Registration and coffee


The conference opens – Sigbritt Karlsson, President of KTH
09:30–09:45 Welcome – Annika Borgenstam, Head of Department KTH MSE


Higher education in Sweden – Karin Röding, Director General of Swedish Council for Higher Education
10:15–11:00 Bergsskolan in a historical context – Anders Lundgren, Professor em., Uppsala University


Today's education – Mikael Ersson, KTH MSE

Lunch break, restaurant Brazilia, KTH campus, Brinellvägen 64

13:00–14:00 Materials design: research and education – past experiences and future development – Professor Greg Olson, Northwestern University, USA
14:00–14:20 The Research Education at Materials Science and Engineering – Malin Selleby, KTH
14:20–14:55 Coffe break
14:55–15:45 High strength steels, technical challenges and demands on future engineers – Göran Nyström, OVAKO AB


Gert Nilson, Jernkontoret (main sponsor)
16:10–16:15 The conference programme day 1 ends – Pär Jönsson, Vice Dean KTH ITM
Check in at hotel etc.
18:30–21:00 Joint conference dinner at Restaurant Q, KTH Campus
21:00– Nachspiel at Hardox, Brinellvägen 23

Location map (pdf 367 kB)

Tuesday 18th of June

Location: parallel sessions in halls B1-3, on Brinellvägen 23

Hall B1

Process technology for reduced environmental impact
09:00–10:00 Shin-ya Kitamura, Tohoku University: Extraction of P and Mn from Steelmaking Slag
10:00–10:20 Coffee break
10:20–10:50 Caisa Samuelsson, LTU: Recycling of metallurgical slags

Jarkko Partinen, Outotec: Development of new sustainable technologies at Outotec with low environmental impact

11:20–11:50 John Bustnes, SWERIM: Pilot plant research for improved process technologies

11.50 – 13.00 Lunch outside the halls (wraps)

Process technology for reduced environmental impact
13:00–14:00 Chris Pistorius, CMU: Lower-carbon ironmaking with methane and hydrogen
14:00–14.30 Rolf Ljunggren, Cortus: Use of bio-gas in iron- and steel production
14.30–15:00 Coffee break
15:00–15:30 Paul Cobden, SWERIM: The STEPWISE project
15.30–16:00 Weihong Yang, KTH: Sustainable projects at KTH

Hall B2

Modeling of new alloys
09:00–09:30 Ida Berglund, QuesTek: Materials design as a business – an entrepreneurial aspect of education
09:30–10:00 John Ågren, KTH: Materials Genome
10:00–10:20 Coffee break
10:20–10:50 Susanne Norgren, Sandvik: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering applied to wear and degradation of metal cutting tools
10:50–11:20 John Hald, DTU: Development of 9–12 % Cr-steels
11:20–11:50 Malin Selleby, KTH: CALPHAD Modeling

11.50 – 13.00 Lunch outside the halls (wraps)

Modeling of new alloys – with a focus on ab-initio
13:00–13:30 Börje Johansson, UU/KTH: Establishing ab initio at MSE
13:30–14:00 Olle Eriksson, UU: Magnetism and steels in Sweden
14:00–14.30 Kalevi Kokko, Turku Univ.: Finish-Swedish joint research on ab initio-steels
14.30–15:00 Coffee break
15:00–15:30 Qing-Miao Hu, IMR-CAS: MSE-IMR collaboration during last 15 years
15.30–16:00 Erik Holmstrom, Sandvik Coromant: Ab initio for hard metal industry

Hall B3

Circular economy
09:00–09:30 Maria Åstrand, Northvolt: A European value chain for battery-materials; a key for sustainability
09:30–10:00 Mari Lundström, Aalto: Circular economy of battery metals in Europe – current status and future R&D needs
10:00–10:20 Coffee break
10:20–10:50 Patrick Amerlaan, Boliden: Metals in the modern society – challenges and developments
10:50–11:20 Christer Forsgren, Stena: Recycling – from elements to materials
11:20–11:50 Björn Haase, Höganäs: By-products as part of the circular economy

11.50 – 13.00 Lunch outside the halls (wraps)

Additive manufacturing – materials and applications
13:00–13:30 Maurizio Vedani, Politechnico di Milano: The microstructural mechanisms governing strength and processability of additively manufactured metal alloys
13:30–14:00 Eva Jacobsson, Höganäs: Current and future metal powder manufacturing
14:00–14.30 Martin Nilsson – VBN: The new steel plant in Uppsala – additive manufacturing in an academic environment
14.30–15:00 Coffee break
15:00–15:30 Annika Strondl, Swerim: Development of powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing at SWERIM
15.30–16:00 Greta Lindwall and Christopher Hulme-Smith, KTH: Development of powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing at KTH
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