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PhD Studies

As a PhD student in Materials science you will work with a research project under the supervision of an experienced researcher. You follow an individual study plan and take courses within the doctoral programme Materials Science and Engineering.

The department of Materials science has one doctoral program, Materials Science and Engineering. For questions regarding the program please contact:

Program Director (DA) Natalia Skorodumova  

Program Director Ph.D. student (PAD)

Meet a former PhD student

Sedigheh Bigdeli – former PhD Student within the Hero-m centre at Materials Science

”It’s been a great journey!” I have heard this sentence from many people in their defenses during the last five years. To many, it sounds like a cliché. To me, it is literally true! Coming from a Middle East country, being a woman in a field which traditionally has been men’s territory, when I look back at last 5 years, I feel I am a totally different person now. Not only I have learned how to assume equality in every aspect of my social life, I also have changed my point of view in science from pure trial and error to applied theoretical knowledge for developing computational tools for intelligent materials design.

As a materials engineer, my first impression during my master education at KTH was how fantastically thermodynamics is used for predicting and analyzing the microstructure of materials, and today, I am so proud that I am a part of activities focused on this field of science. In the “journey” of my PhD education, I have been given the freedom and guidance to go through amazing subjects of physics, to gain a knowledge about how to use atomistic scale methods for engineering applications; to use the quantum physics theory, which to me is a wonderland, in modelling phase transformations that occur in the factories furnaces and ore mines.

I believe that making a bridge between theoretical science and engineering applications is the future of this field, which will open new doors to engineers to develop new materials that will give “the greatest benefit to mankind” and save our planet for next generations.