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Energy and furnace technology

Energy and Furnace Technology Group is working on Carbon Mitigation for Process Industries.

Current research areas

Renewable electricity and fuels

  • Gasification of biomass/waste-High-Temperature Air/steam Gasification (HTAG)
  • Bio-oil from biomass/waste
  • Biomass pretreatment for hydrophobic pellets

Fuel Switching

  • For boilers in power plants
  • For the steel industry

Renewable Electricity and Fuels, Materials:

  • Conversion of biomass to carbon materials
  • Plasma Melting gasification of municiapl solid waste (MSW) and refuse derived fuel (RFD)
  • Treatment of waste from electronics for energy and material recovery
  • End-life-vehicle recycling


To achieve these goals, we apply a range or research methodologies, including:

  • quantum simulation of biomass pyrolysis on a molecular scale
  • kinetic calculations of biomass and heat transfer phenomena inside of the reactor
  • computational fluid dynamics modelling of pyrolysis and gasification
  • experiments in a batch scale reactor and fluidized bed reactor
  • catalyst development for the fast pyrolysis for chemical and energy


Belongs to: Materials Science and Engineering
Last changed: Apr 15, 2021