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High-temperature experimental kinetics

The primary activities of our research are directed toward fundamental research relevant to metallurgical and materials processes – the overarching philosophy has always been on solving realistic industrial problems by applying fundamental principles.

While modelling is an important tool, we are also highly specialised in conducting experimental studies at high temperature up to 2400 K, utilising several unique furnace systems with accurate gas control and quenching facilities. Modification of the existing experimental facilities to suit new pioneer research techniques is no problem for us. Formation of slag, slag properties, and slag-metal reactions are the few examples of our research focus. We collaborate closely with top researchers in the field all over the world. We have also extensive experience of running joint projects with partners in industry and research institutes.

Working with high temperature melts is difficult and often discouraging and making even simple measurements with accuracy, is far harder than with aqueous and organic solutions. / F.D. Richardson


Belongs to: Materials Science and Engineering
Last changed: Apr 28, 2021