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Key Research areas

We all work together within our unit, so that we get the greatest possible amount of collaboration and cooperation. We do not divide ourselves into research groups, but our work naturally falls within areas. These themes are outlined below, and each dedicated page lists the academic(s) who spend most of their time within those areas, but we all get involved in every area to some extent.

  • Casting
    • Ingot casting
    • Continuous casting
    • Remelting
    • Solidification
  • Clean steel
    • Reaction thermodynamics
    • Reaction kinetics
    • Transport phenomena
    • Electrolytic extraction of inclusions
  • Computational fluid dynamics
    • New ingot casting procedures
    • Up-scaling of plasma reduction of oxides
    • Reactions in the Argon Oxygen Decarburisation (AOD) furnace
    • Behaviour of gas bubbles
    • Validate using water
  • Energy and furnace technology
    • Renewable electricity and fuels
    • New fuels and fuel replacement
    • Treatment of electrical and vehicle waste
  • High-temperature experimental kinetics
    • Focus on metallurgical processes
    • Specialised equipment
    • Modelling
    • Industrial collaboration
  • Hybrit Process (fossil-free steelmaking)

  • Powder metallurgy
    • Powder characterisation techniques
    • Powder flow and spreading behaviour
    • Powder production
    • Standardisation of powder metallurgy
    • Microstructre and chemistries of powder particles
Belongs to: Materials Science and Engineering
Last changed: Apr 16, 2021