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The department of Materials Science and Engineering co-operates with the society and the rest of the world in many ways. In research projects industry organisations are often a part and in competence centres many industry partners and research parts gather around one topic.

Competence centres at the department

Detail of metallic item with a spiral pattern.

Center for Mechanics and Materials (MMD)

The Center brings together the two disciplines Mechanics and Materials Science in order to speed up the processes for producing better materials. The long-term goal is a renewed and strengthened education at the basic, advanced and research levels in the field.

P212 first diffraction rays

Center for X-rays in Swedish materials science (CeXS )

CeXS is engaging material science researchers in the opportunities of using high-energy x-rays, and aim to strengthen international collaborations in the field.

Hero-m 2i

The research spans from materials that are industrially relevant today and have a potential for improvement as well as materials that are expected to become important in the near future.

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Last changed: Nov 04, 2020