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She designs new materials on an atomic level

A blue animated hand reaches into a molecule structure.
Published Oct 09, 2020

By using quantum mechanical modelling, KTH Researcher Raquel Lizárraga can help companies to cut years and millions from the development of new materials.

Portrait of Raquel
Raquel Lizàrraga has founded KTH spinoff QM4Mat.

Raquel Lizárraga is a researcher at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at KTH, working with Applied Material Physics. She is also the founder of QM4Mat, a spinoff from her research that helps companies design new materials using first principles Quantum Mechanics calculations.

" We model materials at the quantum mechanical level, meaning that we look at what atoms and electrons do inside materials" , she says. "The idea is to be able to predict the properties a material will have, like its strength or plasticity" .

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Text: Lisa Bäckman