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About the unit of processes

Welcome to the home page of the Unit of Processes at the KTH Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The unit focuses on the transformation of raw materials into useful products. This includes mining, primary metals extraction, secondary processing, recycling and end-of-life disposal. As part of these areas, we always consider economic, environmental and social sustainability impact.

This page contains an introduction to the work we do and who is responsible for each area. There are also pages where you can read about our lab facilities, ongoing projects, upcoming conference presentations and recent publications and theses.

Key Research Areas

We all work together within our unit, so that we get the greatest possible amount of collaboration and cooperation. We do not divide ourselves into research groups, but our work naturally falls within themes. These themes are outlined below and you can click to see mroe information and the academics who spend most of their time within each theme. However, we all make sure we get involved in every area to some extent!

Head of unit

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Last changed: Feb 19, 2021